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Carts Available

We are now letting carts out. Please be cautious and pay attention to signage and roped areas. Thank you for your patience!

Wednesday Course Update

Starting the morning out for walkers only to allow the course last chance to dry up. Check back later for updates as we survey conditions. Reminder League play tonight with first tee reserved 4:30-5:30. Kitchen open: Mon – Fri 11-2 & 5-9; Sat & Sun 12-5

Tuesday Update

The forecast calls for more rain today. We are starting the day out for walkers only. Keeping fingers crossed we miss this rain to dry up enough for carts and league later. Friday night Band Night! First time playing here “Above the Dam”. Music starts at 7:00. Make HC part of your Friday night plans!

Course Condition Update

The guys have been working extremely hard all day today to push and pump water to give our Monday night league the opportunity to play as a group tonight! Success! The course will be open for our league play tonight and the bar and kitchen open to ALL!

Rain Rain Go Away

Blasts of rain over night made for unplayable conditions today. The course will be closed BUT the kitchen will be open for lunch today. Check back later for updates, we will continue to post throughout the day.

Update to Sunday Update – Carts Available

We are letting carts out with caution. Please pay attention to the signs, markers and roped areas to help us keep carts away from wet areas. All this helps us keep the course in the mint condition it has been this year. Thank you in advance!

Sunday Update

Starting this morning open for Walkers. After a little cleanup and bridge repairs we are aiming to get carts out later. Check back for updates.

Bar Opening at 5:00

Bar will open tonight at 5:00! Comets game at 7:00!! The course and Kitchen will be closed for the day.

Course Closed Today

Lots of rain covered the area yesterday afternoon. The course will be closed today. Stay tuned for updates for bar hours later today.

Much Better Weather Today!

Things look much better today! Grab the clubs and stop down to see us. The wet areas will be roped off so please pay attention to signs to help us keep the course in great condition. Join us tonight for another WHITE OUT for the Comets game at 7:00!!!

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